Friday, December 25, 2009

The Wedding

Steve and Gina are married! Pictures are coming, but for now, a few mental pictures: a huge mead hall aglow with votive candle, fantastic Russian fairy tale flower and tree branch arrangements, beautiful Gina calm and happy amidst the whirl, wonderful Steve excited and alert, the whirl himself. And then this incredible moment heralded by bagpipe, framed by eager faces and we walked towards what became an altar. Prophet Dan had such cool things to say "About Comradeship," I read a bit from Aelred of Rievaulx's _Mirror of Love_ (medieval!), Ben, Gina's terrific (and really, really funny) brother read from Dante (medieval again!), and then their vows: reminiscences and realizations, their words bringing everybody into the sense of wonder and discovery that they have for each other. And then the feasting and the sitting and the talking and the toasting. And a beautiful first dance: that's actually the picture that's in my head the most: radiant, strong petite Gina smiling as she guides my dear big (little) brother through a dance - the crowd of us really did melt away I do believe. My dear brother has found a home and (if you'll allow the metaphor), this wedding opened the door to everyone. Party at their house! Today is Christmas Day, and they're coming over - much is happening!

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