Thursday, April 1, 2010

Going For It

Well, everybody, we're going to go for it and make our dreams come true. We've been eyeing this house that's for sale in Josselin (right on Olivier de Clisson street!) and today we put an offer on it. It'll be hard to say goodbye to life in Greencastle, but we have some really good options here: I'm going to bring my medieval training to fruition and consult at the castle for organizing cultural events, and Mac is considering working at the local café (it's only part-time, but this being France, he'll have benefits).

The house needs a little work, but you know how good Mac is with a trowel.

I've always loved this house, especially the little carvings of children on the beams. The kids are 100% behind the idea: Oliver's thinking of doing Harry Potter readings; Iris might start selling dandelion bouquets; and Eleanor wants to start a toddler belly-dancing club.

We look forward to settling in and teaching our new neighbors the good old American thumbs up sign - we're feeling full of pep! With three floors and an attic, we might really be able to pursue our life-long dream of running a writing retreat/day care center with imagination stations for both academics and toddlers. Keep us in mind for your next sabbatical/child.

Nobody really knows when April Fool's Day started. :-) My favorite version is that it was under the reign of Charles IX (grandson of François Ier) who, in moving the New Year from April 1 to January 1 made those who continued to celebrate the New Year on April 1st, "fools." Sounds just like something that wacky Charles would do (and boy was he wacky!). In any case, we won't be buying a house in Josselin, but there have been some really good "poissons d'avril" all day here (the newsman announced a rearrangement of the sacred school holidays!) and I couldn't resist. Plus, the phrase "you know how good Mac is with a trowel" cracks me up every time I say it (see, I'm laughing right now!).

In honor of April Fool's Day, and of my Swiss ancestry, here is the #1 April Fool's Joke ever (so say these folks anyway) brought to you by the BBC in 1957 - enjoy!

Hee hee!


  1. Oh, you scared me! I was devastated for a moment at the thought of not being able to take your Love and War class! Whew...


  2. A korrigan made me do it, i swear! :-) will be bringing back lots and lots and lots of medieval secular culture materials from Brittany, never fear (although i did like the idea of "imagination stations" for toddlers and academics...)