Thursday, May 27, 2010

Out in Town with Steve and Gina

It's somehow late again, and I'm leaving for a research stint in Paris in the morning, so here are the briefest remarks on the loveliest of days.

We took a wonderful walk in the Bois d'Amour this morning. Though from afar, you can see Iris's new French clothes (we brought no spring clothes knowing those dang kids would just keep on growing like they've been). Très fashionable, yes? She looks like a petite movie star, non?

Eleanor has decided to ride on Mac's shoulders side-saddle, so that she can better twiddle his ear. With the sunglasses and the cap, we're talking total movie star here. In the Bois d'Amour.

Mmmmm, escargot crêpe at the fantastic Crêperie de la Marine (I think that you can see one lone escargot remaining, for Oliver ate them all!

Lovely Gina and Oliver who dotes on her and (in the logic of an almost-8 year old) thus talks to her non-stop. :-)

The kids love coming here - it's the only restaurant in town that has books for kids and these are now treasured favorites.

Making a new friend down by the Lists. (Lots and lots of people down there now - campers, boats, picnickers - the works.)

Whenever Uncle Steve and Aunt Gina are around, there is tons of fun to be had. This was Gina's first Kouig Amman and she (and baby!) loved it. (So many reasons to love Gina). Uncle Steve wanted a piece of the action, but the bites he takes are Gargantuan, and Gina knows this. So we staged a little tableaux vivant of the fear and desire involved when there's only one Kouig Amman to go around. Oliver's most excellent "anxious face" is totally staged - hee hee. Life is delicious!

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