Thursday, January 28, 2010

One Month !

Incroyable mais vrai: we have been here a month! We celebrated the one-month anniversary of our arrival in multiple ways: Mac and I had a synthetic almost nostalgic view of things, wanting to talk of favorite moments and memories, the kids were having none of it - they live in the moment, and the moment was dedicated to a "degustation" (a tasting) of a lovely gift from dear friends, honey-flavored caramels in the form of bees. We'd been saving them to mark this special occasion, only realizing now how perfect they were since caramels are a big Breton treat.

The kids appreciated the sentiment! I really want to keep these moments of re-collection, when we all gather around the kitchen table at the end of the day. Now the kids bring their projects from school they want to continue at home (Iris's class will be building an igloo, so we have to start saving our milk cartons!), and we decide on dinner and whatever we're going to read after dinner (Ivy and Bean are giving Tintin a run for his money!). We tend to run hither and yon back in the States, and I just love the rhythms that have developed here. I swear the kids are more relaxed, too: they tell us so many details of their days, exchange advice on their French experiences, just seem so gleeful. So I asked them "What do you guys think it is that you're so happy when you come home from school? Is it just the fantastic lunch at school or is there something else?" And my dear Oliver answers, in all honesty: "We miss you guys. Plus, you're the only ones we can totally understand." From the mouths of babes! I'll take the love and the glee, no matter the reason. :-) So I guess that this means that when they can speak French with their little buddies at school and work out their igloo ideas with them, we'll (rightly) be chopped liver. Ah well, so it goes! But I bet we'll still gather around the kitchen table. :-)

Life is delicious! Mac and I are going to settle in for the awesome "policier" crime drama - "Alice Nevers: le juge est une femme" ("Law & Order" move over!) - à demain!

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