Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And now, the Louvre...

Today was our day to make new friends at the Louvre: Venus, Nike, someone named Mona Lisa, Leonidas, The Horatii, Brutus, Atala, the Sabines, Psyche, Bathesheba, the Lacemaker, and the Virgin Mary to name a few. My internet time tonight is super short, so this will be much too brief to give the full picture of another marvelous day-long conversation revolving around images of ambiguous women (and the many double-binds (of power/helplessness, of beauty/repulsion, of freedom/captivity) within which they exist. We spoke of dangerous things (the power of female sexuality) and ideal things (the self-possession of self-knowledge) and I wish that I could show you all of these images... They wait for you at the Louvre.

And that was our day, really - with sunshine and a col breeze, and winding our way back to our hotel, where dear Mallory met up with a Parisian friend of hers. Alison and I watched them walk off arm in arm (what a pretty picture) and made our way to the exquisite, astounding and in every way amazing patisseries/confiserie Gérard Mulot (another web site worth drooling over). We bought some macaroons (pistachio, blackberry, coffee, lemon, raspberry, chocolate) and found chairs at the Marie de Medici fountain in the Jardin Luxembourg. By the time we thought of dinner it was 9 p.m. (la vie est belle!), and so we started working our way back to Saint-Germain-des Prés, having dinner at a delightful little place called La Jacobine. My understanding is that that street is the same as it has ever been since before the French Revolution - so it's nice to find a little stability, eh? :-)

Onwards and upwards!


  1. I haven't said a thing since those winter months in the very beginning, but I have been following the blogging again lately. All the detailed descriptions of wonderful Paris have just made me want to visit even more (if that's possible)! Let me know if you ever plan a winter term trip to France any time in the next 4 years, but until then, give Paris a warm "bonjour!" from me!

  2. Hi dear Hannah,

    How cool would that be? Most cool! Paris awaits thee - let's think sooner rather than later!!

    love love


  3. Hello Anne!

    Definitely! And if there were a "spring term" trip, that would be even more beautiful! By the way, I know my mom commented on the red trenchcoat picture quite a while ago, but I must personally say that I love it! Especially since I have my very own, albeit a more shiny sort. We'll definitely have to have you and your family over for brunch or dinner once you get back to tell the tales of your fabulous times in person!

    Happy summer!