Saturday, June 5, 2010

How about the Eiffel Tower?

Where do you take a radiant young woman on her first evening in Paris, France? How about the Eiffel Tower? How about right as the sun is setting? It was a grand gesture, but when in Paris... I haven't been to said Tower since January of 2006 with a gaggle of students, but here are some things I love about it (and I'll be writing teeny tiny posts these days as internet is très très cher in Paris):

  • it has its own website
  • it sits on the old military grounds - the Champ de Mars = Campus Martius (think Rome)
  • it has a lot of cool facts
  • it really is beautiful
  • it gathers together all of the people of the world and you can hear just about every language you've ever heard of there
  • they have a cheesy reconstruction of the meeting between Eiffel and Edison in Eiffel's apartment at the very top of the Tower (complete with 19th century interior - helps you realize what a shock the aesthetic of the Eiffel Tower was to the lush interiors of the bourgeoisie)
  • we saw the sun set over Paris from the very top of the Tower
We then had dinner at a sidewalk café, caught the midnight Metro home and are now getting ready to stretch out luxuriously and sleep. Who knows which century and its wonders await us tomorrow?

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