Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello Goodbye!

All of Josselin is dressing up for the upcoming Fête Médiévale - from the time we ran our afternoon errands to dinner this evening, the streets have been festooned with rich colors, and the restaurants are at constant fill. It's another wave of awakening: les Grandes Vacances. School ends on Friday across the nation and the excitement and energy is practically crackling in the air. Here, we've packed the last suitcase, and sent off the last box (we hope!) and are at least physically ready to go. Psychically, emotionally... won't know until Friday. We cleaned house today, and both remembered the smallest details (a first French word here, a kids discovery there), as we readied ourselves to begin the process of handing the house over to the next tenants. We've come to think of our landlady more as our benefactress than as our landlady - all that we've lived here, and all that we've discovered, none of it would have been possible without her gracious ease and her welcoming ways. And now to meet the next family who will fill these rooms - it's all that wonderful Breton continuity I tell you.

Case in point: here is Oliver demonstrating the escargot tool kit to little David, who will also have a birthday here, and will discover King Arthur's forest, and will taste of ice creams, and see castles, and dream of knights... Surely the Breton good-bye, Kenavo, entails seeing each other again.


  1. My dear friends you are much in my thoughts—how much you've experienced, accomplished and most of all how generously you've shared it all. Merci seem hardly enough...we love you Art in Hearth!

  2. Dear Alison

    your comments have meant so much - to have the understanding of It All - it's wonderful. yea, Brittany (quoting Mals quoting the Corky fan!)

    good times...