Thursday, March 4, 2010

Briefly... the best is yet to come (tomorrow)

Ever so briefly tonight, as this blog will have a guest writer: Mac! Or, Le Mac as we have been calling him, after the film that is cracking up the French nation of late (but really, shouldn't we have been calling him Le Mac all along?). So the picture is of us walking to school this morning! When we first came, it was pitch black dark until around 8:45 a.m. - now, the sun starts to rise at 7:30 a.m., so by 8:15 or so, it's good light. Iris has been so eager to do this, and everybody was game, so off we went. Living with Iris lately is like living with a really intense Junior Year Abroad student: she wants to do everything French (dress, walk, talk) and she will not tolerate any light being made of anything French (this gets Oliver in tons of trouble because of his little jokes (the "crappy crapaud" (the crappy toad) and other gross absurdities). I love her jaunty walk in the picture - hands in pockets, off to school. They saw a film today (walked to the movie theater which is literally 50 steps from our house, so they got a little work-out!) - turns out it was a Czech film from 1966, Katia and the Crocodile (couldn't find a clip on YouTube or anywhere, but did lots of pedagogical materials - interesting!). The kids loved it - to think that Iris walked the streets of Prague a little over a year ago - she didn't recognize it all in the movie (Prague 1966 vs 2010 must indeed be two different universes). OK - lots of other things I'd love to share (anxieties about work, eager anticipation about June visitors, bemusement over French politics (it's regional elections soon), and tales of Eleanor's Meli-Melo), but I cede the spot to Le Mac!

Later... sorry, folks - we are experiencing technical difficulties, in the form of Iris deleted all of the pictures on her camera, some of them being the ones that Mac had taken this morning and that he wanted to write about this evening. So he'll try try again tomorrow - he stepped out for a beer (more material!) to get ready. Hmmm, looks like he might need another tomorrow! :-)


  1. Anne, Mac, Oliver, Iris, and Eleanor!

    It has been really fun reading this blog. I am glad Iris is so eager to do all things French, as this time last year I remember she had her serious hesitations about moving to Brittany. You're greatly missed. Be well!
    Lindi :)

  2. hi Lindi! how great to hear from you - your adventures and courage have always inspired the kids - I'll be sure to tell them you're out here in the blogosphere with us!