Monday, March 29, 2010

Why Is This Night Different from Other Nights?

We took the "four glasses of wine" part pretty seriously tonight, so I'll confess to being good and sleepy - just a brief post then to say "Wow, there are lovely people in this world." The seder was beautiful and delicious and thought-provoking and funny and warm. Here is Iris asking about the Red Sea - and Oliver looking happy with his answer about the frog plague - and Eleanor focusing on making noise in her plate. I can begin to see why Passover is also a festival of story-telling and how stories can build from one Passover to the next, from one generation to the next. It's even pretty wonderful to think of Obama sharing a seder on Passover. Wonder if he'll be doing so tonight - avec Sarkozy??? We knew it was a seder to remember when Douby (the dog) ate Iris's sock. :-) The kids did a great job hiding the afikomen and it really did keep them on their happy eager toes all evening long - all the way to the big negotiations and the reveal.

Even walking to the house on the island is a treat. Iris collected flowers on the way and was greatly relieved to see the river was still "in its bed" (we are having high tides again, and strong winds - but no great rain). It's just so lush and green - and filled with possibility. A walk to a friend's house is the most delicious feeling: the expectation and that feeling of homecoming all wrapped into one. This moment of the walk is probably my favorite, with the bend in the river and the church steeple; Josselin receding and this wonderful island coming up.

There was a spring in everyone's step as Mac came home early!!! He said that he woke up in Paris and just saw no reason to not come home right away. So imagine my surprise as I answered the door on my way out to get the kids and there he was! The kids were besides the themselves and told him absolutely every single event of the past 15 days. Here he is in the one pause in the conversation I was able to score. Reunions are great - with family, with friends, through rituals and circumstance. This was a special night.

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  1. Happy spring, dear friend!...and welcome home to Mac! Your littles are looking bigger every post—and so very happy! Feeling the glow from this post all the way across the pond...xoxo
    BTW, I returned home to find your package! Woohoo—it's happening! Merci, merci!